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Level up your Party Game: Fun Ideas for a Gaming Party that will Blow your Mind!

Video and Computer Games have come a long way since I was younger. It’s amazing to me how Colourful, Intricate, and Innovative they are now. No wonder kids of all ages (including adults) Love to play them!

And so many of these games even help with Problem Solving, Creativity, and Collaboration. There’s Fun Characters and Challenges!

I love using Gaming Themes for Birthday Parties. They are usually Super Colourful and enjoyed by Littles, Tweens, and Teens, and Boys and Girls.

At Katie J Design and Events, we have several Collections of Personalised Gaming Themed Supplies and Decorations, and many of our customers have sent in photoes of Amazing Gaming Parties they’ve hosted.

So if you’re looking to throw a Gaming Themed Party, here are some Fun Ideas I’d love to share with you!

Fortnite Birthday Party Display

Choose Your Theme and Colours

Whenever I’m hosting a party, I always choose my Theme and Colours first. It helps with all the rest of the Planning and Preparation.

For a Gaming Party, you should choose the game, and then look at some of the Images of the World or Characters to decide on Colours.

Here are some great examples to help you get started:

Another really helpful feature for a Theme is an object or two you can use for any designs, like Gold Rings for Sonic, Pokeballs for Pokemon, or Pixels for Minecraft.

Here are some photos of Gaming Themed Parties. You can see how the Colours and Designs tie everything together for Amazing Decorations!

This Super Mario Party features Colourful Balloons:

Super Mario Birthday Party

I love this Sonic Party, that uses Red and Blue for Sonic and some Yellow for the coins he collects in the game:

Sonic Birthday Party

This Minecraft Party has an entire wall decoration in Pixels, Red TNT details, and a giant Video Game Controller:

Minecraft Party Ideas

Here’s a Roblox Gaming Party with the Characteristic Red with some accent colours, and Giant Box Decorations:

Roblox Birthday Party

I love how Creative our Customers have been with their Gaming Party Setups!

Create Some Food and Treats

Party Guests love food (and I’ve also found my Gamers love to snack)! For most of my Parties, I like to provide several Sweet Treats for the Guests, and on occasion we’ll also make some savory foods.

Since Games are Colourful, a Gaming Themed Party is a Great Opportunity to be Super Creative! And remember, treats can be both Delicious and Easy. That’s why I have my go-to treats that I know are Simple and Versatile for almost any theme.

Here are some of my Favourites with links to detailed instructions, and some ideas for Gaming Party Adaptations!

Iced Biscuits

These Easy, No-Bake Iced Biscuits are so easy to make! I purchase biscuits in my preferred shape from the store, add some coloured icing, and top with candies. For a Gaming Party, you could make Pokeballs, Sonic’s gold rings, or Mario’s coins.

Layered Jellies

I love Layered Jellies, because they’re just tasty layers of colours! You can use powdered jelly packets and condensed milk to create a tasty and fun treat that goes with any Gaming Theme.

Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate Spoons are a mess-free way to let the Kids eat some Chocolate without it melting all over their hands. Plus, you can add some Colour with Sprinkles or other Edible decorations.

Here are some other pictures of treats for extra inspiration.

I promise, you can never go wrong with food that matches your theme colours! Look at the red and blue jellies and fruits for a Roblox Gaming Party:

Roblox Party Food

You also can’t go wrong with cupcakes. It’s so easy to top them with your choice of Icing Colour and Edible Decorations:

Minecraft Birthday Party

Add Personalised Touches

Any Special Birthday Girl or Boy will Love seeing their Name and Favourite Gaming Characters on Signs and Stickers. These Decorations also make it easy to add Finishing Touches to your Party Area, Snacks, and Favours.

Five Nights at Freddy's Party Supplies

Banners, Bunting, and Posters

Large Banners, Flag Bunting, and Posters of any size look great on walls and hanging from your Central Party Tables.

The ones we create at Katie J Design and Events are durable and high quality, and our banners come with eyelets for easy hanging.

Here are some customer images of Personalised Hanging Decorations.

In this photo, you can see our Personalised Sonic the Hedgehog Banner:

Sonic Birthday Party Banner

Check out Taylah’s 10th Birthday, and Jaxson’s Birthday, complete with Personalised Roblox Banners and Buntings:

Roblox Party Ideas

Party Favour Bags and Stickers

A lot of our party guests like when they can take home a little piece of the party, and Customised Stickers are perfect for their Take-Home Treats and Favours, and when you arrange everything on a Party Table, they also make perfect Decorations!

We have a huge assortment of themed stickers and labels, including Water Bottle Labels, Chocolate Labels, Round Stickers, Cup Stickers, and Pop Top Labels.

Take a look at how they’ve added a Personalised Touch to these Gaming Parties.

Roblox Birthday Party Photo

Here is an example of our Chocolate Labels that fit perfectly on Aldi Choceur 40g Mini Chocolates. These ones are Mario Party Themed:

Super Mario Party Chocolates

Here are our Mario Themed Water Bottle Labels:

Super Mario Waters

This Customer Photo includes the Sonic the Hedgehog Personalised Party Bags and Labels:

Sonic Birthday Party Bags

For this Minecraft Gaming Party, you can see Customised Stickers on the Chocolates, Tic Tacs, and Round Lollipops:

Minecraft Party Favours

Include Games and a Birthday Cake

Games help keep the Guests Busy and Entertained! For a Gaming Party, you certainly could have an actual gaming area set up!

But if you want some other ideas, try a DIY pinata, or let them Launch some Angry Birds, Hunt for Pokemon, or do some “World Building.”

Other ideas you could adapt for your Gaming Theme could be musical chairs to the Game soundtrack, or a version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” adapted for one of the game’s Characters, like “Put the Crown on Princess Peach.”

Super Mario Birthday Party Grand Decorations Pack

And, of course, don’t forget the Cake.

The Birthday Cake can be such a fun, central decoration for a Gaming Party. If you’re really talented, you can make your own that features Characters or Elements from the game. Or you can just buy one from an expert! No judging from me. I love DIY decorations but sometimes I leave my cakes to the professionals.

I have to share some of these customer photos of cakes and their Special Birthday Kids enjoying them!

This Minecraft cake looks Incredible!

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Here’s a Happy Birthday Boy cutting into his Roblox Cake:

Roblox Birthday Cake

I really hope that you found some inspiration for a Gaming Party for your own Special Girl or Boy! If you do host a Gaming Themed Celebration, please share your pictures with me!

And don’t forget to go to Katie J Design and Events to see our Collections of Personalised Gaming Themed Supplies and Decorations. We have so many Gaming Party Themes to choose from, and Party Packs so you get everything you need for an Amazing Celebration!

Fortnite Party Decorations

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Updates and Special Offers.

Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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Katie J

Katie J

June 18, 2023

Thank you for your Enquiry. I have added the link below to our Gaming themed Party Decorations. All of our products and pricing are shown on our website. Just click on a design and you will be able to select a quantity from the drop-down menu in each product. Please send us an email at if we can help with anything else :)



June 18, 2023


Am looking for gaming theme birthday stickers for juice bottles, popcorn pack sticker, menu card stickers ( I have board ) so I need stickers

And it’s gaming theme party

Do you have sample images ?


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