Easy to Make DIY Kids Super Hero Wands

How to Make Kids Super Hero Wands at Home

My Daughter, Isla loved the Super Hero Wands that I made for her Girls Super Hero Themed 5th Birthday Party. She still plays with them now when she gets into the Dress-Up box, and chases her Brother around the house pretending she has Magical Powers (Boy, do I love the Imagination that they have at this Age!). They were so Easy to Make, Cost next to Nothing and were even more durable than I thought they’d be. I have posted Step-by-Step Instructions below of how I made the Super Hero Wands and included the Template for you to Print at Home. I hope you find them to be Helpful.

Girls Super Hero Party DIY Wands Favours

What You’ll Need

  • Thin A4 Cardboard
  • A Long Wooden Skewer (the Sort you would use to make Kebabs)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Super Hero Wand Template

Girls Super Hero Party DIY Wands Favours

Step 1. Print Your Templates

Print the Super Hero Wand Template on Thin A4 Cardboard, as many as you need.

Step 2. Cut Your Templates

Cut around the Wand Templates using Scissors. This can be painful but this is the hardest part of the Project.

Girls Super Hero Party DIY Wands Favours

Step 3. Glue Your Super Hero Wands

Place the Wand Templates on a Protective Surface/ Cutting Board to prevent making a mess with the glue and make sure that you have them facing down. Using a Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue if you prefer to attach the Wooden Skewer to the Back of the Template. Ensure that you glue the pointy end of the skewer to the back of the template so that the kids can’t poke or hurt themselves with them.

Girls Super Hero Party DIY Wands Favours

And you’re done! How Easy was that!

This was the Final Result on the day of Isla’s Super Hero Themed 5th Birthday Party. The Little Superheroes looked Fabulous wearing their Super Hero Masks and waving their Super Hero Wands!

Girls Super Hero Party DIY Wands Favours

Girls Super Hero Party Decorations

Making Decorations is what I do best! I created a Girls Super Heroes Party Theme which has since been added to my Store, Katie J Design & Events. It included all of my Daughters Favourite Girl Super Hero Characters – Spider Girl, Bat Girl, Wonder Woman and Super Girl, all Styled in her Favourite Colours – Pink, Purple & Aqua. The Best Part is that they are all Personalised with her Name & Age!

Since Isla's Party this Design has been updated with more Fabulous Super Girls Characters. This is the New Design.

Girls Superheroes Party Decorations Supplies


And if the Little Superheroes aren't your style we have an Awesome Girls DC Superheroes party theme. Check it out Here.

Girls DC Superheroes Party Decorations Supplies

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