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A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Unicorn Themed Party

Our daughter Paige absolutely loves Unicorns. So, for her 4th Birthday Party last year, we decided to go all out on a Unicorn themed party. Our goal was to transform our outdoor party space into a lavish, stylish, magical party venue while sticking to a budget.

We were pretty pleased with the results and our daughter and her guests were blown away by the party. If you’re interested in holding your own unicorn party, this guide will help you to plan everything from the decorations to the food to the party games.

Magical Rainbow Unicorn Party Theme

Once we had decided on the unicorn theme, we made some decisions about the colour scheme. To keep everything tied together, we settled on a purple, aqua blue and pink colour scheme with a few yellow, gold & silver touches.

Here’s a picture of us with our three kids, Donte, Isla, and Paige.

📷 Event Photography by Zoltan Koltai
💄 Hair & Makeup by Sugar Mobile Makeup & Hair & Kylenes Makeup and Skin

Decorating the Party Area

Paige's Party features Personalised Party Decorations from our Magical Unicorn party theme. A Sweet & Whimsical design popular with girls of all age groups.

As with all of our Party Supplies, our products are available separately as well as in discounted party packs. For everything you'll need to create an Amazing Unicorn themed party, you'll want to check out our Grand Party pack. It comes with:

Large Banner

• 2 x Flag Bunting

A3 Poster

• 2 x A4 Posters

Invites *

Party Bags with Labels *

600ml Water Bottle Labels *

Chocolate Labels *

7cm Round Stickers *

3.5cm Round Stickers *

Cup Stickers or Pop Top Labels *

Balloon Filled Party Space

In addition to our Personalised Banner and Posters, we decorated with hundreds of balloons. The balloon decorations really made the space feel magical and exciting for the kids and it's not as time consuming or expensive as you may think.

Because the space featured an outdoor area, we closed off the space with large blue tarps to keep the balloons from flying away and to make sure that any bad weather didn’t spoil the day. Plus, they added a great pop of colour!

Depending on the Impact that you would like to create with the hanging balloons, use the following formula to calculate how many you will need to fill your party space.

L x W x 10 = for maximum effect, this will completely cover your party area or ceiling with balloons.
L x W x 7 = will create a fantastic display without making the area to busy.
L x W x 5 = will create a scattered effect perfect for larger party spaces

We ordered our helium balloons pre-filled & tied from Big W. This saved us a lot of time on the day and cost about $1/per balloon. We used around 250 balloons to cover the ceiling of our outdoor area. As the helium balloons were pre-tied with ribbon they were easy to move around the party space to spread out, but did hang quite low and would be in guest's faces. We used scissors to quickly trim and curl the ribbons to a better height.

We also created Unicorn Balloon Towers and Columns with inflatable unicorn heads to add colour and excitement to the space. Here’s a simple tutorial for making your own Balloon Towers and Columns.

Unicorn Cake & Lolly Table

The main focal point of our party area can be seen below. This space was perfect for taking adorable photos throughout the day.

Our Main table was clothed with a white tablecloth with purple over lay. I also made a DIY table skirt using rainbow glitter tulle. I sewed this with a loose running stitch so that it gathered along the top and then we thumbtacked it to the trestle table. We finished off the look with gold star table scatters to add some shine and colour to the white tablecloth.

How to Make a DIY Unicorn Backdrop with Balloon Garland

We started by setting up a photography stand which we decorated with long gold metallic foil streamers. Then, we added a long balloon garland around the outside of the photography stand attached with zip ties. Here’s an easy Balloon Garland tutorial. We hung our large canvas party banner to the photography stand using invisible fishing line. To fill any empty spaces, we added additional balloons with adhesive balloon tabs.

Check out our Guide to Decorating and Hanging Party Banners for more tips & tricks.

Unicorn Guest Tables & Centrepieces

We spent a little less time on the guest tables that were dotted around the space. For these tables, we simply clothed them with plastic coloured tablecloths and topped wth unicorn horn party hats & sparkle wands in jars & vases to create centrepieces. Tip: Coffee, Jam & Pasta jars are a great way to recycle and display items on your party tables. Add some Curling ribbon and/or one of our Magical Unicorn Rectangle Stickers, and they look like they were brought especially for the occasion!

When the guests arrived, we served them pink lemonade in the champagne glasses which were decorated with gold curling ribbon.

Unicorn Photo Props

We also got a Large Unicorn Airwalker Helium Balloon that Paige loved playing with throughout the day. It also made a Fantastic Prop for Photos. How Sweet does she look in her Party Dress? Make sure you check out Marigold Kids if you're looking for a Cute Outfit.

Unicorn Themed Party Food

Unicorn Birthday Cake

We made plenty of fun unicorn snacks for our party, but our main focus was, of course, the cake! This stunning, stylish decorated mudcake unicorn cake was designed by The Cheesecake Shop Beenleigh.

As you can see, they did an amazing job of incorporating our colour scheme and rainbow theme, even down to the touches of yellow and gold!

Other Unicorn Themed Party Foods

To keep everyone well-fed, we served tons of tasty unicorn themed snacks. Here are some examples that we came up with:

Unicorn Themed Drinks

We also served some fun Unicorn themed drinks. Using our Personalised Magical Unicorn Party Labels, we decorated simple pop top juice and water bottles from the Supermarket to give them a pop of colour.

Unicorn Themed Party Favours

Unicorn Party Favour & Presents Tables

To create the presents table, we used plastic tablecloths & table skirts and our Personalised Flag Bunting from the Unicorn party set. We topped off the table with unicorn balloon centrepieces.

We used one table to display our party favours, and one table was left empty for presents from the guests.

Unicorn Party Bags

We love giving away little party favour bags at our events — it’s lovely to give the guests a little something to take home with them.

We started with our Personalised Unicorn Party Bags with labels. These bags are the perfect size for a few little treats. We often include things like crayons, small colouring books, lip gloss, play dough, children’s costume jewelry and other party loot.

In addition to the loot bags for Paige’s party, we included:

Personalised Unicorn Party Labels can be found here.

Unicorn Themed Party Games

Once the decorations were all finished, we focused on setting up a few fun party games for the kids.

  • Pin the Horn on the Unicorn - this fun take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey was easy to set up with a unicorn poster and a stock on horn and a blindfold.
  • Unicorn Piñata - we have an easy DIY piñata tutorial here.
  • Unicorn Air Walker Balloon Toy - We found this at a party store and we definitely recommend it as Paige played with it for weeks!
  • Unicorn Colouring Sheets - Print out some unicorn themed colouring sheets and set up a colouring station.
  • Unicorn Ring Toss - Decorate a unicorn horn and find rings that fit around the top. Set the horn on the ground and challenge the kids to get the rings around the horn.

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