DIY Fun Stuff for Kids Valentines Day

Valentines Day Lunch Box Notes for Kids

When Valentines Day falls on a School Day I love to hide Valentines Day Lunch Box Notes in the Kids Lunches. They love the Surprise and always come home smiling and telling me about how they showed their whole class and the reactions the other kids had. It’s always a good chuckle listening to their stories.

How to Use Valentines Day Lunch Box Notes

Step One:

Download and Print your Favourite Valentines Day Lunch Box Templates Below.

Step Two:

Cut the note/s out with Scissors.

Step Three:

Hide in your Child’s Lunch Box. My kids add an Ice Brick to their Lunch box each morning so I like to be clever when I’m putting their Notes in their Lunch boxes so they don’t see them till later in the day. I place the note in between the Cling Wrap fold at the bottom of the their Sandwiches. This way the kids don’t see their note until they are unwrapping their Sandwich at Lunch.


You could also Print enough Valentines Day Lunchbox Notes to put one in your Child’s Lunch Box each day of February leading up to Valentines Day!

There are so many Funny and Fabulous Valentines Day Lunch Box Notes Available to Download and Print at Home. I have included some of my Favourites below from some very clever creatives.


Valentines Day Lunch Box Notes Free Printables Kids

Funny Valentines Lunch Box Notes by Frugal Life Project.

Valentines Day Lunch Box Jokes by Coupons are Great.

Valentines Day Lunch Joke Cards by Over the Big Moon

Valentines Day Lunch Jokes by Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke.

Lunch Box Notes are so Fun and Easy to use. I hope they make your Kids smile as much as they do mine!

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