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To Infinity and Beyond: Tips for Throwing an Epic Toy Story themed Party

I love every type of Party. I host them for all sorts of Occasions, from Holidays to Birthdays to Milestones. Some of the Themes are Glamourous, some are Funny, and some are Trendy.

But today, I want to talk about a Party Theme that is Absolutely a Classic: Toy Story.

This Animated Movie (and its sequels) has Memorable Characters and a Heartfelt Story that Kids and Parents Adore! It’s the Perfect Theme for a Kids Birthday Party.

At Katie J Design and Events, we have Amazing Personalised Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations. The collection makes throwing a Toy Story Birthday Party Easy so you can Celebrate the Kid in Everyone!

And to make it even easier, here are some Ideas and Inspiration for a Toy Story Themed Birthday Party.

Toy Story Party Decorations

Toy Story Birthday Party Theme and Decorations

Whenever I throw a Party, I think about how I can Create a Celebration Space that Embodies the Theme. For a Toy Story Birthday Party, it would be so Fun to use Toys all around the room!

Another Great Way to create a Theme is by choosing a Colour that can tie everything together. Our collection of Personalised Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations features the movie characters on a Blue Background, making Blue the Perfect Theme Colour.

Toy Story Party Ideas

You can use Blue for the Tablecloths, Plates, Napkins, Utensils, Balloons, and Streamers. Everything will look like it goes together if it matches your Decorations.

It also Looks Nice if you choose an Accent Colour or two, especially if you want to Create a Colourful Party Banner and Balloon Stand!

One of our Customers Created this Adorable Picture Area. They used Light Blue and White Balloons, our Personalised Toy Story Bunting, large Blue Decorations, and lots of Toys from the Movie to create a place for the Birthday Kid and Guests to pose for Photos. I Love it!

Toy Story Birthday Party DIY Photo Booth

If you incorporate our Personalised Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations, you’ll have a ton of great Party Supplies to use throughout your Party Space. Our Grand Party Pack includes Banners, Posters, Bunting, Invitations, Party Bags with Labels, and Stickers and Labels for Chocolates, Drinks, and Party Favours.

All of our Supplies are printed on High Quality, Waterproof Material, so you can use them inside or outside!

Here’s a Fantastic Picture submitted by one of our Customers. Leo celebrated his 2nd birthday outside with a Colourful Banner and Balloon Display!

Toy Story Party Display

Toy Story Themed Party Food

There are so many Fun Characters in Toy Story that the Neat Themed Food Ideas seem almost Endless! Here are a couple of my Favourite Ideas for Snacks and Treats you can serve at a Toy Story Themed Party.

  • Buzz Lightyear Rainbow Jelly: Buzz’s Space Suit has stripes of Green and White. Make your own Layered Rainbow Jelly that looks just like him!
  • Alien Iced Biscuits: Use some Green Icing and Candy Eyes to create Biscuits that look just like the Toy Aliens from the Claw Machine. These Biscuits are No-Bake and Easy to Make! The Guests can even Ice and Decorate their own!
  • Chocolate Covered Forky: One of my Favourite Party Treats is Chocolate Covered Spoons. For a fun Toy Story twist, use Sporks instead, and decorate them with pipe cleaner hands to look just like the movie character.

Our Personalised Labels make it easy to turn simple foods and drinks into Fun Party Treats! We have stickers and labels for water bottles, pop tops, and chocolate bars. You can just peel and stick your Customised Toy Story label right on!

Toy Story Party Drinks

Plus, your Birthday Kid and their Guests will Love seeing their Name with all of the Toy Story Characters!

Toy Story Chocolate Favours

Toy Story Birthday Party Games

There are so many Fun Games you can Play at a Toy Story Party!

First, one of the easiest ways to keep kids entertained, especially young ones, is with music. Throw on a Famous Song from the Movie for the Kids to Dance to for a few minutes!

Little Kids also love Hide and Seek. A great adaption for a party game is to hide themed objects around the party area and have guests try to find them. For Toy Story, you can hide the actual toys or just printouts of the characters!

Finally, I always have to recommend my DIY Pinata. With a box, string, wrapping paper, and a cutout of your favourite Toy Story character(s), you can create a Pinata all the guests will love!

I hope you have a Fantastic Toy Story Birthday Party!

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Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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