Christmas End of School

Fabulous Teacher Appreciation Chocolate, Wine & Beer Bottle Labels

It is Always Hard to Decide what to Buy your Child’s Teacher at the End of each Year. To Find a Truly Special Gift to Reward all of their Hard Work? Something that they would Really Appreciate? I know what I would want if I was Responsible for a Small Army of Youngsters all year!


Massage really isn’t my Forte but thankfully I can help with the Wine & Chocolate!

I have just finished making my Children’s Gifts for Another Year and I am so Proud of How Fabulous they Look! The Kids are Proud as Punch each Year when they Gift their Personalised Bottle of Wine and see their Teacher Chuckle and Smile in Amusement. They really are a Great Way to Jazz up that Bottle of Wine and give it that Personalised Touch.


Personalised Teachers Gift Wine Chocolate Beer Labels Present

‘Our Child Might Be The Reason You Drink’

Personalised Teacher Appreciation Wine Bottle Labels are Sold in my Store, Katie J Design & Events. The ‘Drink’ Design Label is my Most Popular and Features the Wording: ‘Our Child Might Be the Reason You Drink So Please Enjoy One From Us’. It come in 3 x Fabulous Colours – Pink & Purple, Blue & Green and Red & Green; and is Available Individually or in Packs for both Wine & Beer Bottles. There are 4 x Text Formatting Options for the Quote on the Label – ‘Our Child’, ‘My Child’, ‘Our Children’ and ‘My Children’ which makes it a Great Gift for Single Parents as well as Couples and as a Gift from Multiple Children. All Labels can be Personalised with your Child’s Photo if you like and the Sender’s Name!


Our Child Might be the Reason You Drink Wine Labels Teachers Gift

Other Teacher Appreciation Wine Bottle Label Designs

I have 2 other Teacher Appreciation Wine Bottle Label Designs Available in my Store. The ‘Cheers‘ Design can be Customised for not Only Teachers but Coaches & Principals as well. And the ‘Apple‘ Design which is a Humorous Take on the Traditional Teacher’s Gift.


Personalised Teachers Gift Wine Chocolate Beer Labels Present

Applying Your Wine Bottle Labels

Wine Bottle Labels are so Easy to Apply and the Original Label does not need to be removed provided you choose a Bottle of Wine to suit the size of the label. The Labels are made from Quality Adhesive Vinyl and are Water-proof and Fade-proof for up to 3 years making them a Lovely Keepsake for your Child’s Teacher to Cherish. They really are as Easy as Peel & Stick.


Personalised Teachers Gift Wine Chocolate Beer Labels Present

Chocolate Labels

This Year one of my Children’s Teachers was Pregnant so I needed to think of a Teacher’s Gift Idea that was just as Clever & Personalised but also Non-Alcoholic. And so the Personalised Teachers Chocolate Bar Label was created! These Labels are Designed to Fit 200g Blocks of Cadbury Chocolate and are Personalised with a Photo (if you like) and your Child’s Name as the Sender. They are Available to Purchase from my Online Store, Katie J Design & Events.


Personalised Teachers Gift Wine Chocolate Beer Labels Present

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