Ultimate Guide for a Fun COVID Safe Party

The global pandemic has certainly changed a few things about large gatherings. Just recently, we had to make a few last-minute changes to my daughter Paige’s 5th Birthday Party because of new restrictions.

On the day of Paige's Fairy Party a snap lockdown was called at 10am that morning to start from 4pm that afternoon. Paige's party was to start at 4pm, so we cancelled the party, and celebrated as immediate family.

Luckily the kids had no problems consuming the extra treats for our last-minute COVID-19 Party. Paige had an Amazing Time dressing up as a Princess, getting her photo taken, and playing games with her brother and sister.

Easy Fairy Birthday Party at Home

I know I’m not the only mum who has faced a “snap lockdown” on the week or even day of a party! But Kids can still enjoy their Special Days, with a few adjustments.

Here are some suggestions for easing the pain of a last minute change to a Party, and ideas for postponing the event, continuing it as a more intimate event, or a combination of both!

Check Restrictions Often

I’ve found my kiddos to be pretty Resilient, especially if I can prepare them a little in advance.

Make sure to check current restrictions on gatherings and parties that are relevant to your state. As the party gets closer, check this pretty regularly. You can find the info here: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/covid19-restriction-checker.

You can prepare the Party Kid with some honest talks about the possibility of having to make changes, even last-minute ones. Ask how they would prefer to celebrate just in case! Kids are so Creative and have Great Ideas. How cute are these 4 Superheroes celebrating their Birthday at Home.

Covid Safe Kids Party at Home

Here are some Great Options for COVID-19 Parties, that you can adapt for different levels of restrictions:

Mask-erade Party Theme

For COVID Parties, I have created a new Mask-erade party theme, a bit of clever word play on the classic masquerade party theme for adults. It’s a Fun way to Encourage our Kids to Wear Masks & Adapt to Celebrating in a COVID-Safe Manner.

It turns Wearing Masks into part of the theme, so they feel more like a Costume than a safety guideline!

Maskerade Kids Covid Safe Birthday Party Banner

Here is the link to our party range in this theme: Maskerade Party Decorations. This design Features Fantastic Illustrations of Cool Kids Wearing Masks by Lilly Silly Billy images.

Like all of our Personalised Party Decorations, you can order Party Packs and Customise banners, stickers, and labels with the name and age of the Party Girl or Boy!

Fun Kids Maskerade Birthday Grand Party Pack

Drive By Celebrations

If you’re in a strict lockdown and no gathering is allowed, consider Drive-By Celebrations as an option for a COVID Party. Invite your Son’s or Daughter’s Friends to form a Line of Cars to share their Birthday Greetings!

You can even Decorate your Yard for the Drive-By. Our Party Supplies at Katie J Design & Events can also be hung outside the front of your house. The Banners and Signs are Durable and Waterproof, and easy to hang.

Halloween Drive By Birthday Party

When the Drive By is over, you can continue an intimate celebration inside with Decorations, Treats, and Loose Balloons to play with. We have lots of Easy & Delicious Party Treat Recipes and Cake Hacks that you can try at home. Check out this Fun photo from Lorenzo’s George Pig themed 2nd Birthday Celebrations at Home. How Fantastic is that Setup!

George Pig Birthday Party at Home

Virtual Party

Another option for a strict lockdown COVID Party is to hold a Virtual or Zoom Party. But you don’t have to organise it on your own! There are a lot of companies that make Zoom Parties Easy and Fun.

I’ve collected the links to some businesses providing these services:

You can Stay Connected with Friends and Family, with the added bonus of Amazing Entertainment from Party Experts!

Outdoor Party

If your Safety Guidelines allow for Outdoor Celebrations, then take the Party Outside, in your Yard or a nearby Park.

You can still Decorate, serve Tasty Treats, and play lots of Games with the Guests.

Check out some of our Customer Photos for Inspiration. Many of them have hosted Parties Outside and in Parks! Our customers have come up with so many clever ideas. Look at out our Fun Cocomelon Party Decorations on Display at Natasha's 2nd Birthday held at the Local Park.

Cocomelon Party at a Park

A Special Day at Home

If your Special Boy or Girl doesn’t want a Big Party, or wants to Postpone, you can still have a Special Day with Family at Home. Here are a few ideas to Celebrate a COVID Party in safe and small ways:

  • Wear PJs, costumes, or dress-up all day.
  • Make a favourite dish or meal, even breakfast for dinner!
  • Video chat with a few close friends or family members.
  • Host a Family Movie Night.
  • Create lots of Arts and Crafts.
  • Bake a cake or treat together.
  • Organise a Scavenger Hunt for presents.
  • Drive around the area to see new things!

How much Fun does this Display look for Cooper's 4th Birthday. Can you imagine his Excitement waking up to all of those Presents and our Personalised Motorbike Party Decorations customised just for him!

Decorating Motorbike Birthday at Home

Video Messages

Give your Child a Birthday Gift they will never forget with a Video Message from their Favourite Character! Supa Dupa Kids Parties have made this so easy with their Personalised Video messages. Just head over to their website and fill out the form with your child’s details to book your message. Birthday Video Messages are sent via a Dropbox link so that you can remember it as a keepsake forever.

Last-minute Change can be hard, but hopefully with these Ideas you can still have a Wonderful and Fun Celebration! Vedran's Jungle themed Personalised Birthday Decorations made an Extravangant display for his First Birthday Celebrations at home. Make sure to check Katie J Design & Events for all of your Personalised Party Needs.

Jungle Party at Home Inside

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Updates and Special Offers.

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