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Bluey Birthday Party Ideas & Photos

The Ultimate Guide to Holding a Bluey Themed Party

For Australian kids, few TV shows can compare with Bluey. Bluey and her adorable dog family has won the hearts of families all over the country — and it’s easy to see why. With its clever, sensitive depictions of modern family life along with its endearing characters, it’s perfect for kids and parents alike.

If your son or daughter is a big Bluey fan, you may be considering throwing a Bluey themed party for their next birthday. In this guide, we’ll be covering everything from decorations to food, so that your Bluey themed party goes off without a hitch.

Bluey Party Food

No party is complete with some tasty snacks. With a little extra effort, you can make party food that matches your Bluey theme. You could serve Aussie themed treats like Lamingtons, Fairy Bread or Mini Pavs. To coordinate in with your colour theme, Layered Jelly's and Chocolate Spoons are my Favourite no-bake, no-fuss party recipes.

Bluey Sugar Cookies (pictured right) by Cookies By Tash. Cake Topper (pictured right) by Marcus & Jane Creations.

"Cheese & Crackers" and "Bum Worms" (lolly snakes) make clever pun-inspired treats from the hit show. If baking isn’t your strong suit, our party set comes with chocolate labels and stickers, which are perfect for decorating your party snacks and cake table.

Or what about these adorable Bluey & Bingo Iced Biscuits by Rebecca over at Be a Fun Mum. They look like a fun treat that your kids could even help to prepare.

Image Credit: Be a Fun Mum

Bluey Birthday Cake

Depending on your budget and baking skills there are plenty of options to create an Amazing Bluey Birthday cake that your child will love. You could hire a local cake maker or if you choose to take on the project your self you could try one of our no-bake, no-fuss cake hacks and add a Bluey figurine on top. Another cost effective idea for larger celebrations is icing a plain slab sponge from your local bakery with bright blue icing. To this you could add a cake topper, sprinkles, lollies, candles or bluey toys which I'm sure would be much loved by your child after their big day!

How adorable is this photo sent in of Braxton celebrating his First Birthday with a Cake Smash. A simple but very effective DIY Cake Smash display with some Blue material, a Bluey Cake, some Bluey Stuffed Toys and our Personalised Bluey Large Canvas Banner.

Bluey Party Decorations

Decorate your home with some adorable Bluey Decorations to set the mood. We have found that a Blue colour scheme is the perfect place to start to immediately evoke the look of the show, incorporating White and/or Orange for accesories & trimmings.

Plus, at Katie J Design and Events, we have a Fantastic range of Bluey Party Decorations. In our Grand Birthday Party Pack, you’ll receive Bluey themed:

• Large Banner

• 2 x Flag Bunting

• A3 Poster

• 2 x A4 Posters

• Invites

• Party Bags with Labels

• 600ml Water Bottle Labels

• Chocolate Labels

• 7cm Round Stickers

• 3.5cm Round Stickers

• Cup Stickers or Pop Top Labels

With all of these Bluey themed items, you’ll be able to transform your venue into the ultimate Bluey party space.

We also have a Bluey Party Pack in Pink and Purple colours for a slightly more feminine look, depending on your preference. It has been very popular for Girls Bluey parties.

Bluey Party Games

To get the party started, prepare a few Bluey themed games for the guests to play. Here are a few ideas:

Pin the Tail on Bluey - for this take on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, all you’ll need is a Bluey poster, a blindfold, and a sticky “tail”

Bluey’s Musical Chairs - play some of your favorite Bluey tunes for a game of musical chairs

Bluey Dance Party - if musical chairs is too complicated, just pop on a Bluey playlist and let the kids dance around

Bluey Birthday Cake by Pasticceria Caruso. Fondant Cookies by Oven Loven.

Bluey Party Favours

Send the guests home with some memorable Bluey themed party favors filled with treats, toys, stickers, and other little tidbits you might come across. Kids will remember your party for years to come — especially when they get their own little bag of presents at the end! Our set of Bluey decorations comes with Bluey themed party favor bags that can be customised for your son or daughter’s party.

Find More at Katie J Design & Events

Here at Katie J Design and Events, we’ve got tons of adorable, customisable decorations for your next kids’ party. Check out our massive range to start planning your next event today.

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